Michał Stanisławek

Co-founder of one of the first voice technology agencies in Poland. Currently, the CEO of – a startup thanks to which every blog can become a podcast. A visionary and a man of technology. One of two Poles on the Leaders in Voice 2020 list published by VoiceBot.AI. Co-founder of the global #VoiceLunch movement and vice-president of the VL Foundation.

Karol Stryja

Some say that he was born with a microphone, others that he was born with a smart speaker in his hand. However, no one is arguing that Karol Stryja is one of the most recognizable people in the world of voice technology. A godfather of many Polish podcasts, recently awarded by the portal on the global Top Leaders in Voice list. Chief Commercial Officer at, owner of The Podcast Makers podcast studio, co-founder of the global #VoiceLunch movement and president of the VL Foundation.

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#VoiceLunch Specific Hosts

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