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We are the no. 1 global #voice community for developers, conversation designers, and people involved in the #voice tech. Founded in March 2020, we have already run +90 global meetings focused on the #voice technology. We reach out to the most active people, that work with #google, #amazon, and independent #voice solutions. We are happy to support your growth and share our #voice experience with you. Below you can find the info about #VoiceLunch Sponsorships. But first of all – have a look at what most influential people in the #voice world say about #VoiceLunch.

By supporting #VoiceLunch you are supporting the community and its growth. Funds are managed by a non-profit VoiceLunch Foundation registered in Poland.

Details? CONTACT US at hello@voicelunch.com


Our global newsletter is sent weekly to +1500 people from all over the world. We can offer the following services:

  • the information included in the newsletter (max 1000 characters) – that may be about your solution, product or event
  • logo with the link to your company in the section of #VoiceLunch sponsors
  • dedicated newsletter


  • the website is viewed +1k monthly. 
  • logo with the link to your company in the section of #VoiceLunch sponsors, monthly
  • sponsored article on the #VoiceLunch website

Sponsored meeting

  • we are happy to organize a meeting at #VoiceLunch global session with Guests from Your company – talking about your solutions, about cases, gathering ideas and feedback directly from the community
  • including dedicated newsletter + content package