Global VoiceLunch is an excellent opportunity to discuss generic voice topics and meet fellow voice enthusiasts from all over the world. We meet on bi-weekly, on Tuesdays at 6PM CET.

The range of topics varies from #JustTheLunch, where we just meet and loosely chat, to the meeting with the experts, book authors, and discussing specific topics. It’s a great place to start your #VoiceLunch journey, no matter how experienced you are in the #voice space.

When you sign up to VoiceLunch, you receive a bi-weekly newsletter with invites for the upcoming weeks including links and calendar shortcuts for global and local #VoiceLunch-es, and other important information.




While the global VoiceLunch is a great place to meet fellow voice enthusiasts from all over the world and discuss varied voice topics, sometimes you really want to get down to how things are for your part of the world, in your specific language, or for your particular market.

That’s why we set up local VoiceLunch: separate slots throughout the week, where local voice communities meet. Over the last several month’s there were active #voice communities hosting #VoiceLunch meetings in countries like the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, India, France, UK, US & Canada, Israel, Italy, Brazil, Nordics, Ukraine and Africa.

All the info about the upcoming local meetings – in our newsletter.



with special guests

There are specific topics that are mastered by experts. That’s where the #VoiceLunch 20/40 comes in: a presentation combined with an open discussion with experts in the specific field. You name it: conversation design, skills development, marketing, voice strategy, voice aspects in different countries. The format consists of 20 minutes presentation followed by an open discussion and Q&A session. So far we had 20/40s delivering information on conversation design, the voice in China, or voice tech in India. Even the #VoiceLunch with an Astronaut.


topic specific

deep dive

This kind of #VoiceLunch meetings are dedicated to a specific topics. There are #VoiceLunch Language and Linguistics, #VoiceLunch for Developers, #VoiceLunch Book Club, #VoiceLunch Strategy and #VoiceLunch Sound & Design.

Deep dive talks with an experienced host onboard.