How to run local #VoiceLunch?

Why talk about voice locally?

While the global VoiceLunch is an excellent opportunity to discuss generic voice topics and meet fellow voice enthusiasts from all over the world, sometimes you really want to get down to how things are for your part of the world, in your specific language, or for your particular market.

That’s why we set up local VoiceLunch: separate slots throughout the week, where local voice communities meet.

Right now we are active in The Netherlands, UK, US, Japan, India, Brazil, France and Italy.

How to apply to host a local meeting?

Interested in hosting a local VoiceLunch? Please send a mail to 


We encourage local VoiceLunch hosts to truly help to shape the community’s own voice. That’s why we don’t want to enforce strict rules. 

However, we do wish to point out that the character of a local VoiceLunch should be truly local. Some questions that you can use as a guideline:

  • What language should we speak? If it’s not your local language, are you sure that everybody there is comfortable enough to speak English?
  • What topics should we address? What are truly local ‘hot topics’? Do we overlap with global VoiceLunches?

Social media accounts

We would love it if you announce your localVoiceLunch on your social media! Please use the brand guidelines and templates provided by HQ.